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Đôi nét về Công ty Thời trang Minh Thư


Minh Thu Ao Dai (Long dress) shop has been founded and operating since 1994. Successfully, with the experience group of designers and tailors, we had designed many Vietnamese traditional Ao Dai. Minh Thu shop was divided into designing, cutting and sewing departments, but the relation to each department will ensure the final products to satisfy customers. The best services and quality of Minh Thu Shop had created trust, prestige and long relationship with Vietnamese and foreigner customers. Besides to design it own styles; Minh Thu also accepts customer special designing orders basing on Chinese, Japanese, European and American styles. With all these above; Minh Thu had brought more and more clients. It received more customer orders and contracts.

The leader of design department is miss Minh Thu. Miss Minh Thu has enormous charm. She has, and always has had, an incredible fashion sense. She graduated from HUFLIT (Ho Chi Minh City foreign language-information Technology University) with an English degree and minor in fashion design, in which she finds interesting in fashion design classes. For many years obtain experience, understanding, discovering about fashion. Miss Minh Thu designed Ao Dai to be attractive, charming, comfortable and sexy for all Vietnamese women. With ten years experienced in designing of Ao Dai. Miss Minh Thu is well know as the best designer among other designers in City. She loves clothes and can pull anything together in the blink of an eye. Fashion is an art to miss Minh Thu. She also learns from her grandmother and mother who also in the business of Ao Dai. Several students of her grandmother and mother had win Vietnam Collection Grand Prix Prize.

With all above; Minh Thu Ao Dai ensures it design and products to be the best charming, attractive and lovely the Vietnamese traditional long dress for all women and men. Minh Thu Ao Dai and you are honorable to maintain the tradition beauty of Vietnamese women.


129 De Tham Street, W. Co Giang, Dist 1, HCM city

Tel : (848) 38361947 - 0918463817

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